6780 Willis Road, Star, Idaho 83669


Food and Catering
The kitchen is a staging area only. You may use a caterer of your choice or bring your own food. You or your caterer must provide all personnel, equipment, and rentals. BBQ grills can be used in a designated area outside only.
Liability insurance is required for all events. You must provide a certificate of insurance by (a) an extension of your homeowner's policy; (b) your business liability policy; or (c) purchasing a special event policy. You must provide this certificate 30 days prior to the date of your event.  If serving alcoholic beverages insurance must also cover that.​.  Event Insurance link: www.theeventhelper.com
Access and Security
High Desert Station is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. You and your guests are responsible for safeguarding all property brought to the building and grounds. No firearms are permitted. You may also be required to obtain security, depending on the requirements of your event.
Alcoholic Beverages
You or Caterer will need to have a catering permit from the County or hire a licensed mobile vendor to serve alcohol on the premise and provide this verification 30 days prior to event. No glass containers are allowed.
 It is your responsibility to ensure that your guests' behavior adheres to laws and event center policies. An extra $100 clean-up fee will be charged if alcohol is served.
Decorations must be free standing. (No thumbtacks, staples, nails, wire or tape of any kind.) Tents or awnings must be secured by weights and no stakes driven into the ground. Bird seed, rice, glitter, confetti and sparklers are not allowed anywhere on the premises. Fresh flower petals, incense and sage are permitted outside only. Votive candles and floating candles or any combustible liquid is not permitted inside.
Weddings and Unions
You are responsible for arranging all licenses, legal contracts and obligations, as well as the services of an appropriate celebrant (priest, minister, rabbi, bishop, local judge, etc.), as required by Idaho law and policies of your denomination.
Smoking is only allowed outside receptacles are provided. All other areas are smoke free.
Onsite parking is included in your rental fee and parking area will be designated. Events larger than 400 guests will require parking attendants to ensure safety of your guests .
Animals (other than service animals) and pets are not allowed in the building or on the grounds. Exceptions require written approval from the High Desert Station.

All music will end at 11:00 pm no exceptions, outside doors are required to be closed by 10:00 pm
Multiple Event Areas
 You will have primary use of the rooms and areas noted on your Agreement. However, other activities may be scheduled inside or elsewhere on the grounds at the same time. All events may use the Shared Areas such as bathrooms, hallways and parking lots. Janitorial closets and storage areas are off-limits. We ask all users to be considerate of each other’s activities.
Children Monitoring
Children and youth must have designated supervision at all times. Guests are prohibited from running through the planting beds, climbing trees, or throwing objects. Children will not be permitted to roam free on property unattended. You are responsible for their behavior. You will be liable for any damage children do.
Set-up and Clean-up
You are responsible for your own set-up/take-down and clean-up. Set-up and decorating times must be pre-arranged to avoid conflicts with other events. After your event, all rooms must be returned to their original condition. All garbage must be bagged and placed outside in provided containers. Failure to vacate the facilities on time or complete the Clean-up will result in additional charges.  Additional cleaning charges will be at $50 per hour. Dump ice only on graveled areas and not in planting beds.
Fees and Damage Deposit
30% of Lease fee as a deposit fee is due when you sign and submit your Agreement and is non-refundable. The remainder is due 30 days prior to the event.
Cancellations must be made in writing to the Event Coordinator. Cancellations made within 30 days of your event will forfeit the entire rental fee.
User Representative:
You must designate a representative authorized to act on your behalf. This representative shall be present at all times during the event and respectfully coordinate all matters with our staff.  Please inform everyone making deliveries, setting-up or catering for your event of these Policies and Procedures.
Signage and Advertising
Signs advertising an upcoming event may be placed no more than five (5) days prior to the event. Signs directing the public to the event may be placed on the setup day for the event only and must be removed immediately following the event.  All signs, banners and sticky residues must be removed immediately following the Event.
Policy Changes
The High Desert Station Inc. reserves the right to modify or to change these policies or rental rates at any time at its sole discretion. Reasonable efforts will be made to notify Lessee of any such modifications or changes.



All music will end at 11:00 pm no exceptions, outside doors are required to be closed at10:00 pm

Monday through Sunday
7am to 12 pm Midnight